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Is she Pregnant? Joanna Jedrzejczyk reacts to crazy comment from fan on new post

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Calendar Icon07 July 2024

Joanna Jedrzejczyk, former UFC strawweight champion, recently sparked a flurry of speculation among her fans with a heartfelt Instagram post about her newfound love for Hawaii. The post, filled with gratitude and joy, featured Jedrzejczyk expressing her deep appreciation for the island’s beauty and the happiness it has brought her.

In her post, Jedrzejczyk wrote:

"I’ve been to many places but I need to be honest - Hawaii has made me fall in love with it.  I don’t remember when I felt this type of happiness in me. I smile to myself in and out every single day. Grateful and thankful for these mesmerizing moments. And it’s not only about all the places and views, it’s about something more… I think we can only find this in ourselves. Btw I’m loving all my curves and edges."

While her message was filled with positivity, one fan's comment took the conversation in an unexpected direction. The fan commented, "You have a beautiful voice Asia, pregnancy is slimming you ," prompting speculation about whether the MMA star was expecting.

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Jedrzejczyk swiftly put the rumors to rest with a humorous and straightforward reply, saying, "Is she pregnant? What pregnancy just gained weight ."

Her candid response garnered laughs and applause from her followers, who appreciated her honesty and sense of humor. 


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