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WATCH: When Aleksandra Stepakova fought heavyweight Grigory Chistyakov

LockerRoom Team
03 March 2024

In a spectacle that has drawn widespread condemnation from the MMA community, Russian promotion Epic Fighting Championship hosted an alarming intergender bout this week, featuring a colossal man weighing in at a staggering 240 kilograms facing off against a petite female fighter.

The mismatched encounter saw strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova square off against the behemoth Grigory Chistyakov, leaving fans stunned and aghast as footage of their clash circulated on social media.

Epic FC has a history of staging such mismatches, but the disparity in size between Stepakova and Chistyakov evoked memories of past controversies, including the infamous PRIDE 3 bout between Emmanuel Yarbrough and Daiju Takase.

Throughout the bout, Stepakova found herself grappling with her imposing opponent, who utilized his massive frame to dominate proceedings, pinning her against the cage for extended periods.

Despite displaying resilience, Stepakova struggled to mount any significant offense against Chistyakov's overwhelming size and strength. The fight took a bizarre turn when an audience member intervened, kicking Chistyakov during the bout, briefly interrupting the action.

Despite Stepakova's valiant efforts to overcome the odds, the judges ultimately scored the contest in favor of Chistyakov, further fueling outrage among MMA fans.

Social media erupted with criticism directed at the promotion, with many expressing disgust at the sanctioning of such a mismatched fight. One Twitter user remarked, "Russian MMA never ceases to shock me. How bizarre this is on all levels."

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Epic Fighting Championship's controversial event also featured a peculiar two-on-one intergender matchup, adding to the scrutiny surrounding the promotion's questionable practices.


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