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Ian Garry calls for I Quit match against Colby Covington, asks to keep Layla out

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Calendar Icon18 March 2024

In a fiery response to Colby Covington's recent remarks, Ian Machado Garry didn't hold back in expressing his disdain for Covington's stipulations. In a video posted on Sunday, Garry issued a direct challenge to Covington while addressing Covington's comments regarding Garry's wife, Layla.

"Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, you’re in no position to tell me what I should be doing in life," Garry asserted in an Instagram video. "You’ll do as you’re told. You gave me three stipulations – all of which have nothing to do about fighting. They were all talking about my wife. I don’t know how you were raised but women aren’t property and my wife definitely ain’t no trophy."

Garry's response came after Covington's demands following Garry's callout for a fight. Covington insisted that Garry open his Instagram comments, have Layla beg him to fight, and feature Layla in one of his videos.

Rejecting Covington's terms, Garry proposed an unconventional challenge more reminiscent of professional wrestling than UFC – an "I Quit" match. In this unique showdown, the victor would be determined when one fighter utters the words, "I quit," leading to their retirement from the sport.

"So Colby, why should I fight you? I can think of one reason," Garry continued. "I challenge you to an ‘I Quit’ match, where one of us has to say, ‘I quit.’ And whoever says the words, ‘I quit,’ has to retire, gloves off, center of the Octagon. Sayonara, my friend."

Garry's undefeated record as a professional fighter lends weight to his challenge, with notable UFC victories over Geoff Neal, Neil Magny, and Daniel Rodriguez.

In contrast, Covington, despite his reputation as a top competitor, has faced setbacks in recent UFC title fights. With losses to Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, Covington's career trajectory has raised questions about his future in the sport.

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As tensions escalate between Garry and Covington, fans eagerly await any developments regarding a potential matchup between the two fighters. Whether Covington will accept Garry's unorthodox challenge remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the rivalry between these two UFC stars is far from over.


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