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VIDEO: Hasbulla comes out with explanation about cat video controversy

LockerRoom Team
31 March 2023

Hasbulla was in the headlines last day after people on the internet called him out for abusing his cat. A video surfaced which showed Hasbulla grabbing the ear of his cat and slapping the cat on his head.

However, now Hasbulla has come out with an explanation for the video. Hasbulla, who was seen getting emotional in the video posted noted that he loves his cat. He also went on to add that if he did not love his cat, he would not have it in his house.

"Those brothers who think that I was beating the cat, pulled the ear this n that. I pulled the ear gently and I know that people are waiting for the moment, if I write something wrong, to just attack me like this. Like, 'you do this, you do that'. She [Barsik] was misbehaving and I just pulled the ear and that's it. I love my cat more than you. If I didn't love the cat, I wouldn't have it at home. My most lovely animal is a cat. And when she disobeyed, I scolded her a little. And you are attacking me for nothing."

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Once his cat video went viral, several fans and boxers, including Dan Hooker and Sean Strickland, publicly chastised Hasbulla. While the 'abuse' part of the latest video is arguable, the Russian influencer's devotion to his feline companion is undeniable.

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What do you think of the explanation from Hasbulla? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section of the article below.


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