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Gym War by MMAAK Fight Series: Full Results from the event

LockerRoom Team
08 July 2023

Gym War from MMAAK Fight Series happened on 24 June 2023 at the Gokulam Galleria in Calicut, Kerala. The event, which was hosted by MMAAK and SFC Calicut, was spearheaded by Ranjith Kunnumal and featured some exciting fights across MMA and Muay Thai.

The event opened with Nihal facing off against Subin in a highly anticipated clash. Both fighters displayed incredible heart and skill, but it was Nihal who emerged victorious with a spectacular second-round knockout. The thunderous strike left Subin stunned and the crowd roaring with excitement.

Anand Kurian and Sohail Satheesh took centre stage next, ready to engage in a battle for supremacy. Anand wasted no time in asserting his dominance, launching a relentless assault on Sohail. His ferocious strikes proved too much for his opponent, resulting in a first-round TKO victory for Anand.

The matchup between Shyam Panday and Amal Mohan was a test of endurance and technique. The fighters left it all in the cage, exchanging blows and grappling for control. In the end, it was Shyam Panday who emerged as the victor, impressing the judges with his skills and earning a hard-fought unanimous decision.

Krishnendu and Brihal Keerthi engaged in a thrilling contest that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Both fighters showcased their resilience and determination, but it was Krishnendu who proved to be the superior force. With a second-round stoppage, Krishnendu left no doubt about his dominance in the ring.

The clash between Fahad Rahman and Rizen provided a thrilling display of skill and strategy. The two warriors engaged in a back-and-forth battle, each refusing to back down. In the end, it was Fahad Rahman who secured a hard-earned unanimous decision victory, demonstrating his determination and relentless pursuit of victory.

The Gym War Main Card continued the excitement with a series of gripping matchups. Animesh Dhige showcased his grappling prowess, quickly submitting Varun in the first round.

Hrishikesh and Jay Kadam engaged in a closely contested bout, with Hrishikesh emerging as the victor with a unanimous decision.

Kavya Kirodian demonstrated her skills and determination, earning a well-deserved unanimous decision win over Ann Mary.

Pravin Wagh and Neeraj MP engaged in a closely fought battle, with Pravin ultimately claiming a split decision victory. Lastly, Abraruddin wasted no time in asserting his dominance, securing a first-round submission victory over Prajwal S. The main card of the event was streamed live on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel and the event also saw the presence of Indian actor and Rapper Neeraj Madhav who electrified the crowd with his performance inside the cage. 

You can see the complete results below.

Gym War Undercard Results

  • Nihal def. Subin via Second Round KO
  • Anand Kurian def. Sohail Satheesh via First-Round TKO
  • Shyam Panday def. Amal Mohan via Unanimous Decision
  • Krishnendu def. Brihal Keerthi via Second-Round Stoppage
  • Fahad Rahman def. Rizen via Unanimous Decision  

Gym War Main Card Results

  • Animesh Dhige def. Varun via first-round submission
  • Hrishikesh def. Jay Kadam via Unanimous decision
  • Kavya Kirodian def. Ann Mary via Unanimous Decision
  • Pravin Wagh def. Neeraj MP via Split Decision
  • Abraruddin def. Prajwal S via First-Round Submission

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