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Renewed Collaboration: BRAVE CF and Green Hill Strengthen MMA Alliance

LockerRoom Team
21 June 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation, the world's premier global MMA organization, has recently announced the extension of its longstanding partnership with Green Hill, the leading provider of combat sports equipment. This collaboration, which commenced in 2018, has been instrumental in the remarkable growth and success of both BRAVE CF and Green Hill, solidifying their positions as industry leaders in their respective domains.

The renewed partnership sets the stage for an even more remarkable journey as Green Hill continues to supply BRAVE CF fighters with top-tier equipment, ensuring the highest standards of performance and safety in mixed martial arts events worldwide. With the unwavering support of Green Hill, BRAVE CF has cemented its status as the foremost global platform for mixed martial arts, continuously pushing boundaries and making history. On September 7th, BRAVE CF will reach another milestone as it becomes the first MMA organization to host an event in France, marking its presence in an impressive 29th country—an unprecedented achievement in the sport's history.

Mr. Mohammed Shahid, the President of BRAVE CF, expressed his gratitude to Green Hill for their ongoing commitment and support in realizing BRAVE CF's vision of globalizing mixed martial arts. The partnership between these two giants of combat sports continues to shape and elevate the MMA landscape, offering fans around the world unparalleled excitement and entertainment.

‘’Green Hill has greatly supported us as we continue to implement the vision of His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, to globalize MMA in all corners of the world. We are delighted to continue this partnership and jointly extend our impact in the sport for many years to come. BRAVE CF is the most global MMA organization in the world and Green Hill will continue to be the sports equipment that goes around the world, in places where no other international promotion has gone before’’, said Mr. Shahid.

‘’It is an absolute pleasure to renew the thriving partnership with BRAVE CF’’, said Mr. Abid Jahangir, president of Green Hill. ‘’We anticipate an even more robust relationship with BRAVE CF as we elevate MMA to a higher and more established level. This partnership should provide fighters with access to the highest quality equipment available on the market, thereby enhancing their performance. In addition, we anticipate the launch of BRAVE ATHLEISURE, a collaborative merchandise line that will serve as an additional channel for both parties to serve the combat and fitness community’’.

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