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Gillian Robertson wants Tabatha Ricci fight before end of 2023

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Calendar Icon19 April 2023

Gillian Robertson is hoping for a showdown with Tabatha Ricci before the end of 2023. Robertson noted the same after her recent win at UFC Kansas City.

Speaking to the media after the fight, Robertson broke down her performance at the event.

“I’m just there for the ref to pull me off. I wasn’t paying attention to that at all necessarily. I was just thinking about tucking her arm underneath my armpit, and I was just going to break it. If anything, he saved her. Just trying to add to my record. I already set flyweight records, we’re trying to set them strawweight records now,” Robertson noted in the post-fight media interaction.

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She also noted that she feels more comfortable at Strawweight.

“I’m tiny. I feel like I’ve been undersized in all my fights, and the weight cut was super easy. Even this time, I dieted hard for 12 weeks, and I think I cut one pound the day of. So it’s still a very easy weight cut, and I just feel like strawweight’s home for me,” she added.

She also went on to note that she is confident in her ground game and that no one in the UFC can outclass her on the ground. Robertson also talked about the possible fight with Tabatha Ricci.

“I know that once I get on the floor, there is not a single girl in the UFC that’s going to give me trouble. So I knew once I was on top of her [Rodriguez], it wouldn’t be long before it was game over. I definitely want someone ranked. I would love to have that [Tabatha Ricci Fight] before the end of the year,” she added.

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What do you think of a potential fight between Gillian Robertson and Tabatha Ricci? Let us know in the comments below.


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