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Mohammed Farhad is running to Daddy Islam and Papa Khabib, says Rolando Dy

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11 April 2023

Before to the major rematch, which will take place at BRAVE CF 70 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this month, the rivalry between team Farhad and team Panales has expanded into a three-part drama series.

Mohammad "Sher-e-Hind" Farhad of India and Ruel "Bagskik" Panales of the Philippines will try to put an end to their tense rivalry on April 23 after their first Bantamweight battle was ruled a "No Contest" because Farhad accidentally kicked his Filipino opponent in the crotch.

Since that bout, the two camps have been at odds. Farhad first claimed that Panales and his coach Rolando Dy took the "easy way out" by fabricating an injury, but Dy shot back, saying that Farhad was the one who cheated by "kicking the groin three times."

This week, Dy continued to jab at the more seasoned foe of his protégé, blaming "Sher-e-Hind" for abandoning his homeland to train abroad. The 34-year-old Farhad, who has eleven knockouts to his credit and is known for his striking prowess, has made a decision to work on his all-around game by travelling to Dagestan to train with Islam Makhachev at Khabib School.

Farhad became the talk of the town earlier this week when Lightweight champion and international star of Khabib Academy, Islam Makhachev, remarked how impressed he was with Farhad's abilities since joining their school.

Dy criticised the decision as a "cop-out" and questioned the validity of MMA training conducted in India, despite the fact that the change may greatly increase Farhad's prospects of becoming the first Indian BRAVE CF champion.

“Now you’re asking Daddy Islam and Papa Khabib for help. You are not confident with your MMA camp in India. That speaks volumes, Farhad,” said Dy

“Ruel has prepared right here in the Philippines with his original team while you are running scared and hoping Daddy Islam can help save your bum life within five weeks,” added the BRAVE CF veteran.

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