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Eliezer Kubanza Makes History and Inspires a Nation with Consecutive Wins

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Calendar Icon31 December 2023

Eliezer Kubanza, earlier this year, etched his name in history as the inaugural representative of the Democratic Republic of Congo in BRAVE Combat Federation. The accomplished milestone came in the form of a resounding victory over Rayan Atmani, marked by an early head kick that extended Kubanza's unbeaten streak as a professional MMA fighter.

Anticipation mounted as the year progressed, with many expecting Kubanza to return to the cage before its conclusion. True to expectations, he graced the BRAVE CF 79 event, facing a tougher challenge against Adel Ibrahim. In a gripping showdown, Kubanza showcased his prowess by clipping his opponent in the very first round, delivering a relentless assault that prompted the referee to intervene and halt the bout.

The victory not only added another chapter to Kubanza's ascending trajectory within BRAVE CF but also marked a significant stride forward for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Recently released footage captured the jubilant scenes of celebration among Kubanza's friends, family, and fans in his homeland. Adorned in the vibrant colors of his nation, Eliezer's triumph became a unifying moment as masses gathered around their television screens to show unwavering support.

As Kubanza continues to climb the ladder of success in the world of BRAVE CF, the future holds uncertainty, but the undeniable power of his supporters remains a driving force. From the cheers of encouragement to the celebratory gatherings in his honor, Kubanza's journey is a testament to the unbreakable bond between an athlete and the community that stands firmly by his side, especially as potential high-stakes encounters loom on the horizon.


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