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BRAVE CF Fighter Eidy Macias Withdraws from Fight Due to Joyful News

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Calendar Icon14 August 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, BRAVE Combat Federation has announced that Eidy Macias will be unable to participate in her scheduled fight against Yasmeli Araque at BRAVE CF 73. While the news of her withdrawal initially raised concerns, it comes with a twist of joy and celebration.

Eidy Macias' pre-fight exams took an unexpected turn, leading to her decision to pull out of the fight. However, the organization has swiftly clarified the situation, revealing that the alteration to Macias' pre-fight exams brings joyous news – she is expecting her first child!

Throughout the week leading up to the event, Eidy Macias successfully completed all her pre-fight exams, demonstrating her commitment to stepping into the cage. The turn of events occurred after the weigh-in, when an additional test was administered, resulting in a positive outcome. Subsequent blood tests confirmed the heartwarming news that Eidy Macias is indeed expecting.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid's response to this unexpected news exemplifies the organization's compassion and understanding. Despite her withdrawal from the fight, Eidy Macias will receive her show money, recognizing her dedication and the circumstances that led to her withdrawal. Shahid has also extended sincere congratulations to Eidy Macias and her growing family, marking a new chapter in her life's journey.

The twist of fate that brought Eidy Macias' fighting journey to a temporary halt is a heartening reminder of the multifaceted lives of MMA fighters. While the world witnesses their battles inside the cage, it's equally important to acknowledge the personal victories and milestones that shape their lives outside of it.


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