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The Pushpa Look: Indian MMA Fighter Edukondal Rao reveals funny stories

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Calendar Icon17 February 2024

In a recent interview with Indian MMA fighter Edukondal Rao, amidst discussions about his upcoming fight at PFL vs. Bellator Champs and training regimen, Rao shared a side-splitting anecdote that had everyone in stitches. The story, filled with humour and self-deprecation, offered a glimpse into the lighter side of the intense world of mixed martial arts.

Rao began recounting the tale with a reference to a popular movie character in the movie RRR, known for his heroic antics in crowds. "Funny story, like, I was watching this movie, okay RRR? Like, Ram [Ram Charan] comes into a crowd and hits all the people, so I thought, 'Okay, let me try that and I'm looking at him.'"

As Rao continued, it became evident that his attempt to emulate the on-screen hero took an unexpected turn. "Then I thought, 'Okay, I'll be shaving my head.' Then I took off my beard. I had only a moustache," he chuckled, reflecting on his misadventures. "I went to the gym with the look. I can't work with the cap because I can't train with the cap, tthen I saw... I saw in the mirror...this doesn't look like the character in RRR, it looks like the villain in the movie Pushpa,"

Amidst Rao's laughter, he confessed to the realization that he bore a closer resemblance to another character in the movie Pushpa rather than the heroic one in the movie RRR. "I realized the first day," Rao admitted. "Then people started saying, 'You look like Pushpa and I was like: I know, bro, I know, I know, I know.'"

Despite the initial embarrassment, Rao found humour in the situation, especially when others began teasing him about the likeness. "Funny thing is, I go to WAKO events and especially people came, 'You look like Pushpa' I know," he chuckled, recalling the humorous exchanges.

The anecdote took an even funnier turn when Rao recounted an incident following a victorious fight where some individuals likened him to the character in Pushpa.

"Then that day I won that fight, and there were some big names, some big shots...politicians and all," Rao explained. "Just like I won that check, which I never got the money back still, they're like, 'This one dialogue, you know, like party ledha Pushpa.'"

Despite the jests and teasing, Rao took it all in stride, finding amusement in the situation. "They're like simply making fun of me, part. I'm just laughing, my friends were laughing, everybody was laughing, so it's like that," he concluded, highlighting the camaraderie and light-heartedness that pervades the combat sports community.

Interestingly, Edukondal will be seen with his Pushpa look when he fights at PFL vs. Bellator Champs in Saudi Arabia. PFL vs. Bellator Champs featuring Edukondal Rao will be exclusively available for streaming on FanCode's mobile app (available on Android, iOS, and TV), as well as on various TV platforms including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Jio STB, Samsung TV, Airtel XStream, OTT Play, Prime Video, WatchO, and the official website


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