Did he ever train in Africa? Dricus Du Plessis attacks Israel Adesanya again

LockerRoom Team
12 April 2023

Dricus Du Plessis has launched another attack against UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. The South African appeared on the MMA Hour recently and questioned whether Adesanya ever trained in Africa.

 “For me, it’s about getting that belt and bringing it home. Whether he is African — of course he’s African! He was born in Nigeria. But does he reside in Africa? No, he doesn’t. So I was simply stating a fact. Did he ever train in Nigeria? Did he train in Africa? No, he didn’t. Do I train in Africa? Yes, I do. So I’m not saying he’s not African, I am more African; I’m simply saying I want to make history by being the first African-residing champion,” he said in the interview (h/t MMA Fighting).

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He also went on to add that it was ridiculous to bring color into the whole scenario.

“To bring color into it is, for me, the most ridiculous thing ever. That is the one thing from this whole thing that really pisses me off, to be honest. That color was brought into it. I’ve never even mentioned color, because it makes absolutely no difference to me, and to every single person I know, it makes absolutely no difference to. Color is not the topic at discussion. If anybody is bringing in color, bringing in the fact that I’m white or they are black, or any form of race anyway, to me, that is absolutely ridiculous. This is a sport. This is fighting. Once you get into a sport, once we get into fighting, sport as a whole brings people together. There’s no place for race and mentioning of color, at all. That really pisses me off. I never said those words. I only stated that I’m the one residing in Africa, and all of a sudden it became this racial thing. And that is absolutely disgusting, if I’m being honest. I don’t see any need for that in the sport, or in any sport, for that matter,” he added.

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