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WATCH: Dillon Danis injures Logan Paul with a microphone at face off

LockerRoom Team
13 October 2023

Tensions reached a boiling point between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis at the Misfits Boxing pre-fight press conference just days before their much-anticipated boxing match. The fiery exchange unfolded as the fighters engaged in a war of words that escalated into a physical confrontation.

Scheduled to face off in a cage with a plexiglass divider keeping them apart, the face-to-face encounter never materialized. As Paul and Danis approached each other, the situation took a dramatic turn when Paul hurled a bottle at Danis. In a swift retaliation, the Bellator fighter responded by launching his microphone directly at Paul's face. The intensity of the moment left fans wondering if any damage had been inflicted on the social influencer-turned-boxer.

Security swiftly intervened to prevent further escalation, with both fighters ready to throw down two days ahead of their scheduled boxing match. The security team had to continuously push Danis backward as he attempted to reach Paul, ultimately clearing the stage to restore order.

Although the faceoff between Paul and Danis didn't materialize, Danis made a return to the stage during a separate press conference featuring KSI and Tommy Fury, the main event competitors on the same card. Despite staying off to the side, Danis found himself embraced by Tommy's father, John Fury.

The explosive incident marked the culmination of escalating tensions between the two fighters, adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already highly-anticipated matchup. As KSI and Fury engaged in a heated exchange during the press conference, the entire event came to an abrupt end, leaving fans eager for the showdown between Paul and Danis in the ring. The clash has only intensified the spotlight on the upcoming bout, promising an electrifying spectacle for fight fans.


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