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BRAVE CF 69: Darko Stosic predicts finish in co-main event

LockerRoom Team
10 February 2023

Prior to their massive BRAVE CF 69 Heavyweight co-main event in Belgrade on February 18, Serbian superstar Darko Stosic dismissed Shamil Gaziev's remarks.

When the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week closes with an electrifying nine-fight card in Serbia's Stark Arena on February 18, BRAVE CF 69 will be the biggest MMA event in all of Europe. For the first time in five years, local superstars like Aleksandar "Joker" Ili and Stosic will fight in front of their home crowds, making it a memorable night for Serbian fans.

The Serbian joy, however, was ruined earlier this week when Gaziev declared Stosic would never be able to match with him over five rounds. The reason for that discussion was BRAVE Combat Federation's desire to design a five-round Heavyweight match for these two gladiators. Due to contractual concerns, the co-main event has since been set for three rounds.

Gaziev was of the opinion that his opponent would never consent to a 25-minute fight with him, despite the fact that the change to 15 minutes had nothing to do with Stosic not desiring a five-round contest. Gaziev told his KHK Team Bahrain head coach Eldar Eldarov, "I warned you he won't accept five rounds with me.

When Stosic got wind of Gaziev’s thoughts, he played it cool and kept his response very simple, reminding BRAVE Nation of his track record. “Shamil is very good, but he does not have a lot of experience in professional fighting like me. I will win this fight on the feet,” said the Serb.

Aside from Stosic being the more experienced fighter, he is confident that there is no way Gaziev will be able to spoil this massive moment for him or Serbian fans. “What I can say? If he thinks I can’t fight five rounds, it's his problem. I can fight anybody, three or five rounds, it does not matter, especially at this huge event and moment for Serbian MMA,” added Stosic who will have the entire Belgrade crowd behind him.

Abdisalam Kubanychbek of Kyrgyzstan, the interim champion, and Kamil Magomedov of Russia square off in the main event of BRAVE CF 69 in an attempt to win the undisputed 155-pound championship. The fight card will mark the conclusion of the largest combat sports festival in European history, the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week, and will reaffirm BRAVE CF's position as the region's top market share holder.


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