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Daniella Hemsley makes shocking accusations after her controversial celebration

LockerRoom Team
15 September 2023

In the world of influencer boxing, Daniella Hemsley made headlines not only for her in-ring performances but also for an unforgettable, and some might say, controversial celebration. However, what seemed like a spontaneous moment now comes with a shocking revelation as Hemsley has disclosed that the promoter was the mastermind behind the daring act, which subsequently led to an alleged blackmail attempt.

Hemsley, known for her substantial Instagram following of 106,000, ventured into the world of influencer boxing during the opening round of the women's KingPyn tournament on April 22. Her debut match pitted her against Jully 'Poca' Oliveira, a bout that didn't go as planned as 'Poca' emerged as the unanimous winner with a decision score of 50-45 across all judges.

Undeterred by her initial setback, Hemsley found herself in the runner-up bracket, where she faced Aleksandra 'Ms.Danielka' Daniel on July 15. In a grueling five-round battle, Hemsley secured her first victory with a unanimous scorecard of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

It was after this significant win that Daniella Hemsley decided to take an unconventional route to celebrate. She momentarily lifted her shirt, exposing herself to the live camera broadcasting on DAZN. The video quickly went viral on social media, raising concerns about potential repercussions from DAZN and KingPyn officials.

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However, the most shocking twist in this tale is Hemsley's revelation that the idea for this controversial celebration didn't originate with her but was, in fact, suggested by the event's promoter. This startling disclosure has sent shockwaves through the influencer boxing community.

Even more disturbing is Hemsley's claim that the same promoter attempted to blackmail her after the incident. While the details of this alleged blackmail remain undisclosed, it has cast a shadow over the KingPyn tournament and the world of influencer boxing at large.

“The promoter came over to me and said that I cannot tell anyone that he gave me the idea. And I said, as long as I don’t get into trouble, that is absolutely fine. Few days later, I had the promoter frantically calling me, blackmailing me on the phone saying if anyone finds out that I gave permission, I’m gonna lose the custody of my 12-year-old child,” she said in a video.

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