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Cris Cyborg Drops Parody Song Taking Aim at PFL Stars Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields

LockerRoom Team
02 January 2024

Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is making waves outside the cage with a newly released parody song that targets PFL athletes Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields. The timing of the song's release aligns with PFL's recent acquisition of Bellator, setting the stage for potential matchups that may arise from the merging of the two promotions' rosters.

In the parody, Cyborg channels her inner pop star by putting a unique spin on Miley Cyrus's hit song "Flowers." The lyrics playfully highlight Cyborg's achievements, age-defying prowess, and her bold predictions for potential showdowns with her PFL counterparts.


The song opens with Cyborg singing, "I have won, all the gold. And I’m just 38 years old. I’m a strong Brazilian, I’ll destroy Kayla Harrison." The playful yet competitive lyrics continue as Cyborg alludes to her training routine, resilience, and striking abilities. The chorus kicks in, emphasizing her dedication to training and her confidence in her punching prowess.

Having taken a jab at Kayla Harrison, who has carved her path in the lightweight division, Cyborg doesn't miss a beat and transitions to targeting Claressa Shields. The Undisputed Light-Middleweight Champion recently extended her contract with the PFL, marking her return to mixed martial arts after a hiatus since 2021. Shields, known for her stellar boxing career, currently holds an impressive unbeaten record of 14 fights.

In the second part of the parody, Cyborg sings, "No remorse, no regret, Claressa Shields just s**t the bed. Oh, you know that if you fight me, your nose is gonna fly. I’ll make you cry cause it will go real high." The lyrics playfully taunt Shields, suggesting a formidable challenge should the two athletes cross paths in the cage.

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With the PFL-Bellator merger stirring excitement in the MMA community, Cris Cyborg's lighthearted yet competitive parody song adds an extra layer of anticipation for potential future matchups between these elite fighters. As the song gains traction, fans are left eagerly awaiting any official announcements regarding potential clashes between Cyborg, Harrison, Shields, and other top-tier fighters across promotions


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