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That is Haram: Fans react to McGregor feeding Forged Scout to Anthony Joshua

LockerRoom Team
14 August 2023

After securing victory against Robert Helenius, Anthony Joshua commemorated his triumph by indulging in a sip of Conor McGregor's Forged Irish Stout.

The O2 Arena had the privilege of hosting McGregor himself, as his alcoholic beverage took on the role of a sponsor for the event.

Following his win over Robert Helenius, Anthony Joshua partook in the celebratory moment, enjoying a taste of the Forged Irish Stout crafted by McGregor. The presence of McGregor added an extra layer of significance to the occasion, as fans witnessed the convergence of two prominent figures from the worlds of combat sports and libations.

The actions of McGregor, however, did not sit well with a section of the fans. You can see some reactions that came on X below.

“That's haram” 

“Mcgregor just a water boy nowadays. Bloke hung up the gloves.”

“Man getting force fed a stout right after a fight is wild af.”

“He’s kinda reminding me of Salt Bae at the WC final tbh…”

“I thought prime had it figured out, Conor’s the next level, bro straight up fed the drink to him”

“Not arrested then for pouring poision down an athletes throat?”

“Connor has become the weird drunk uncle of combat sports”

“Joshua should never make that mistake . Where was his security detail allowing him to take a drink from anyone ( even if he knows or trust them) ? Professionally, his security detail failed! No substance should be allowed for him to take in just like that. Risk is high”

What do you think of the incident featuring the UFC star? Let us know in the comments below.


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