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UFC Salary of Brock Lesnar: Shocking details revealed

LockerRoom Team
26 January 2024

The previously undisclosed details of Brock Lesnar's UFC contract inked on July 3, 2009, have recently come to light, shedding a spotlight on the compensation and perks afforded to the WWE star during his time in the octagon.

For his UFC 100 appearance, Lesnar received a fixed purse of $1,500,000, devoid of win bonuses or pay-per-view points. However, subsequent bouts carried a nuanced payment structure. In addition to a base amount of $1,375,000, Lesnar stood to earn a bonus of $2 for each pay-per-view buy exceeding 700,000, a more substantial share compared to other champions.

Notably, in the event of Lesnar losing his title, his compensation would see a reduction to $750,000, coupled with a $250,000 win bonus. As a non-champion, he would forfeit pay-per-view points. The unique luxury of two hotel rooms was granted to Lesnar, with the added perk of a suite upgrade if he held the championship.

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The UFC went the extra mile by providing one first-class and two economy flights for Lesnar's cornermen. Lesnar and his cornermen also enjoyed a daily stipend of $50 each for three meals. As a further gesture, Lesnar was gifted 10 tickets for each fight, ensuring prime seating within 10 rows of the octagon when headlining an event. The detailed breakdown of Lesnar's contract offers a glimpse into the intricacies of compensation and privileges negotiated between a high-profile athlete and the UFC in the late 2000s.


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