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BRAVE CF and VIDIO Team Up to Elevate MMA Content in Indonesia

LockerRoom Team
11 July 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation has joined forces with VIDIO, Indonesia's premier streaming platform, in an exciting partnership. This collaboration will facilitate the distribution of top-tier MMA content from the rapidly expanding BRAVE CF promotion throughout Indonesia.

Renowned as the most global MMA company in the industry, BRAVE CF is poised to make history by venturing into an unprecedented 29 countries in September, including its inaugural visit to France. This remarkable journey also encompasses two trips to Indonesia, with Jakarta and Bali playing host to BRAVE CF's incredible talent pool, featuring exceptional athletes such as Vincent Majid, Oloan Silalahi, and Randi Febian.

Thanks to this partnership, BRAVE CF will now enjoy exposure on Indonesia's largest streaming platform, catering to the country's vast population and boasting an impressive 120 million monthly visitors. MMA enthusiasts in Indonesia and VIDIO subscribers will have instant access to the most exceptional MMA content available, solidifying BRAVE CF's status as the pinnacle of the sport on a global scale.

VIDIO, which surpasses popular platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and Rcti+ in terms of usage, holds the distinction of being Indonesia's number one over-the-top (OTT) streaming service according to the Play Store and MPA Report. It ranks first in both monthly active users and total streaming minutes, serving as the go-to platform for various sporting events, including the English Premier League, Formula One, World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and NBA.

This partnership between BRAVE CF and VIDIO represents a significant milestone for mixed martial arts in the region. The primary objective is to foster the growth of the sport in Indonesia by exposing audiences to the very best fighting content via the nation's largest streaming audience. This agreement will not only elevate the sport's visibility to a new audience but also attract a global fanbase to the premier streaming platform in Indonesia.

‘’We are delighted to partner up with VIDIO, Indonesia’s most popular streaming service. As the most global MMA organization in the world, BRAVE Combat Federation is happy to join other sporting giants such as Formula One, Champions League, NBA Premier League and the World Cup in VIDIO. We are bringing in the best fighting content in mixed martial arts from around the world to the millions of fans of the biggest streaming platform in Indonesia. We are also introducing and adding a very engaged and enthusiastic MMA fanbase, the fastest-growing fanbase in any sport, to VIDIO. Hundreds of hours of the most engaging content from our strong library will be delivered’’, said BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid.

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For the Kingdom of Bahrain, BRAVE Combat Federation stands as a monumental platform for exposure, having showcased the country to the world over the past six years and establishing a Bahraini brand at the summit of the martial arts realm. Undoubtedly, it is the most significant sports media property ever created in Bahrain.


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