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BRAVE CF president receives keys to Colombian city

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

The grandeur of the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week radiated boundless joy and riveting entertainment, as the world's most global MMA organization took center stage in Bogota, Colombia. This monumental event not only embraced the vibrant spirit of the Colombian capital but also galvanized the Latin American MMA scene, culminating in an extraordinary fight night that etched itself as the pinnacle of the region's history.

The crescendo of this remarkable journey reached its zenith at BRAVE CF 73 on August 12, wherein Jose Torres ascended to the illustrious title of the Bantamweight champion of the world. The momentous clash saw Torres narrowly overcoming South Africa's Nkosi Ndeele in a showdown that instantly etched itself as an MMA classic.

Amidst the reverberating triumph of BRAVE CF 73, Colombia seized the opportunity to express profound gratitude to BRAVE Combat Federation. The nation acknowledged the promotion's unwavering commitment in placing Colombia firmly on the combat sports map. The stellar efforts of the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week had left an indelible mark, propelling Colombia into the spotlight of global MMA prominence.

In a heartwarming ceremony at the Catedral de Sal, Mohammed Qamber, the president of the Bahrain MMA Federation, accepted the keys to the town of Zipaquira on behalf of Mr. Shahid. Dignitaries present included Wilson Garcia Fajardo, the Mayor of Zipaquira, William Robayo, the manager of Catedral de Sal, Jaime Baron, the President of the Colombian MMA Federation, and Fredy Espinoza, the manager of IMCRD in the town.

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As the echoes of this remarkable event reverberated within the first wonder of Colombia, the Catedral de Sal, it was a poignant reminder of the relentless strides taken to amplify combat sports in Latin America. The celebration of the Pan-American Combat Week marked not just a moment in time but an inspiring glimpse into the promising future that awaits the world of combat sports in this dynamic region.


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