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BRAVE CF 82: Mohammed Shahid details how BRAVE CF has impacted African MMA

LockerRoom Team
08 May 2024

BRAVE Combat Federation has been dedicated to fostering the growth of MMA in Africa since its inception in 2016. Athletes from 12 African nations have gained international exposure through this global MMA organization, thus significantly contributing to the sport's development in their respective countries.

Despite Africa's abundant talent, most international MMA organizations have overlooked the continent. BRAVE Combat Federation stands out as the sole global MMA organization to host events in Africa.

Having already successfully organized three events on African soil, BRAVE CF is now preparing for its fourth event, BRAVE CF 82, scheduled for May 11 in Mauritius. Beyond mere statistics, BRAVE Combat Federation has made a profound impact on African fighters, transforming lives and advancing the sport throughout the continent.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid highlighted this impact, comparing the stories of BRAVE CF 82 headliners Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres and Nkosi Ndebele. Shahid noted how BRAVE CF has changed the lives of MMA fighters and the sport in Africa.

"[Jose] Torres had ample opportunities to develop himself in America, where martial arts competitions are frequent and gyms are plentiful. He was able to leverage this environment to become the world-class fighter he is today," Shahid explained.

In contrast, African fighters like Nkosi Ndebele faced more challenges but found renewed hope through BRAVE Combat Federation's visionary approach.

"Nkosi Ndebele had to work exceptionally hard and eventually leave Africa to gain experience in high-level competition. His journey highlights the gap in opportunities for African fighters, which BRAVE CF is actively bridging. By hosting events in Africa and creating more local competitions, we are empowering African athletes," Shahid added.

BRAVE CF 82, headlined by Nkosi Ndebele on May 11, will showcase the next generation of African MMA stars, including Luthando Biko, Prince Lolia, and Ananias Mulumba, making their BRAVE CF debut.

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With a strong lineup of African talent and the event taking place on African soil, BRAVE CF 82 marks another significant step in BRAVE Combat Federation’s mission to elevate African MMA fighters onto the global stage.


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