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BRAVE CF 82: Jose Torres says he took Nkosi Ndebele lightly in second fight

LockerRoom Team
08 May 2024

Former BRAVE CF Bantamweight world champion Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres is seeking redemption at BRAVE CF 82 as he prepares to face Nkosi Ndebele in the main event, marking the first trilogy in BRAVE Combat Federation history.

Their rivalry began at BRAVE CF 73, where Torres secured a split decision victory, claiming the Bantamweight title. However, in their rematch at BRAVE CF 80, Nkosi forced Torres to concede in the third round, seizing the Bantamweight championship.

Now, with the stage set for a historic trilogy showdown, Torres is determined to prove himself and reclaim his status not only to the world but also to himself.

"I’m determined to prove myself, not just to the world but to myself as well. I've achieved a lot, but I want more," Torres shared during an Instagram interaction with fans.

Reflecting on the second fight, Torres acknowledged underestimating Nkosi and discussed the challenges he faced during the bout, including significant cuts.

"I took my opponent too lightly in the last fight. I was careless and paid the price. Now, I'm facing the consequences with these injuries [referring to his eyebrow cuts from the previous fight]. Can I overcome these challenges and show my true capabilities this time? My goal is redemption," Shorty emphasized.

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BRAVE CF 82, scheduled for May 11 in Mauritius, promises not only the epic showdown between Jose Torres and Nkosi Ndebele but also features compelling matchups, including the co-main event clash between Nicholas Hwende and Khurshed Nazarov, which holds significant implications for the Bantamweight division.


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