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BRAVE CF 74: Ylies Djiroun is ready for the perfect comeback story

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Calendar Icon31 August 2023

As the stage is set for Ylies Djiroun to step into the arena, he prepares to lock horns with former BRAVE lightweight champion Lucas Martins, determined to etch his mark in the annals of MMA. But behind the spotlight, there's a tapestry of Ylies' journey that remains largely untold.

Holding a record of 2-1 within the promotion and a resounding decision win over Olzhas Eskaraev in June, Djiroun is rapidly establishing himself as a force to reckon with in the 155-pound division. Yet, a year ago, his ascent to greatness hung in the balance, facing the specter of retirement due to persistent injuries.

Amidst the crossroads, Ylies delved deep within, rediscovering his unquenchable desire to chase his dreams. Now, he stands on the precipice of competing in his homeland, fueled by the unwavering ambition to become the face of French mixed martial arts.

While Ylies maintains aspirations in the featherweight division, his confidence remains resolute. He believes he holds the ability to conquer Martins, wherever the battle may unfold. Amidst his conviction, he applauds Lucas Martins as a "warrior," admiring his indomitable spirit.

Nestled in Cannes and training at Nice's Boxing Squad, Djiroun finds himself amongst high-profile comrades including Axel Sola and Manon Fiorot. The trio stands united in their training camp, fortifying each other's journey.

While Sola also graces the card in Nantes, their collaboration is marked by solidarity rather than division - Sola's stature complementing Djiroun's lightweight pursuits.

Undoubtedly, Djiroun pours his heart and soul into this impending clash, an endeavor to climb the ranks and defy expectations. The challenges that lie ahead are not deterrents; rather, they propel him further towards his goal.

Amidst the embrace of the Nantes crowd, the culmination of Djiroun's journey will be unveiled at BRAVE CF 74 on September 7. The H Arena will stand witness to an encapsulating tale of resilience, aspiration, and the unyielding spirit of a fighter aiming to reshape the landscape of French MMA.


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