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Ylies Djiroun fires back at Lucas Mineiro ahead of BRAVE CF 74

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation standout Ylies Djiroun has responded strongly to Lucas “Mineiro” Martins, delivering a reality check ahead of their headline bout at BRAVE CF 74 on September 7. These two accomplished Lightweights are set to engage in a potential number-one contender showdown in Nantes, France, next month, marking an occasion that solidifies BRAVE CF as the most extensively traveled MMA organization globally.

As the contest approaches, Martins, a well-regarded veteran in combat sports with an impressive 13 MMA knockouts, publicly declared that he would be facing a “grappler,” insinuating that Djiroun might not be a formidable challenge for him on his feet. Djiroun promptly took to Instagram to remind the Brazilian finisher of the MMA context, emphasizing that they have both signed up for an MMA bout and underscoring Djiroun’s comfort across various aspects of the fight.

“Who knows, maybe I use my striking, maybe I use my wrestling. I can submit you, or I can knock you out, Lucas,” Djiroun warned assertively. “This is an MMA fight. This is not a boxing bout, a kickboxing bout, a Muay Thai fight, nor is it a wrestling match. This is MMA. I will make use of the opportunity which presents itself. Should it be via knockout, takedown, or submission, I am ready. I hope Lucas is ready for anything, too,” Djiroun added. Djiroun possesses a versatile skill set, evident in his 19 victories achieved through knockouts, submissions, and decisions.

While Brazil's former BRAVE CF Lightweight champion is recognized for his striking prowess, he is no stranger to the ground game, boasting five submission wins among his 21 victories. However, submitting Djiroun would be no small feat, as the former French Pancrase champion has maintained an unblemished record when it comes to submissions in his 26-fight career.

This Lightweight showdown offers “Mineiro” an optimal platform to showcase his adept submission defense, particularly considering Djiroun's reputation for securing victories via chokes or armbars, with ten such wins in his record.


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