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BRAVE CF 70 Weigh-in Results: Main Event official, One fighter misses weight

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Calendar Icon23 April 2023

The BRAVE CF 70 fighters completed the "fight before the fight" when they stepped onto the scales the day before the epic match scheduled for Ljubljana, Slovenia, tomorrow night. There is only one day until Slovenia's biggest MMA event to date.

Only one competitor out of the 16 contestants failed to make weight. Jordan's Izzedine Al-Derbani weighed exactly one kilogramme over the Bantamweight limit for his match against Colombia's Eduardo Mora when he stepped onto the scales.

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A portion of Al-Derbani's fight winnings will now go to Mora, who did well to weigh in at 61.50 kilogrammes despite not being able to make weight.

The remaining 15 BRAVE CF stars appeared in good physical condition and appeared ready to compete on the most international MMA platform.

In the co-main event, Germany's Joilton Lutterbach stepped onto the scale in top shape, weighing in at 79.70 kilogrammes, while his opponent, Sweden's Andreas Gustafsson Berg, who won the BRAVE CF "Fight of the Year" award, hit the exact weight limit, weighing in at 79.80 kilogrammes.

With both big attractions weighing in comfortably under the 93.40 kilogramme limit for light heavyweights, the main event is set. BRAVE CF 70 will take place tomorrow and will be the second event of the year for the most-global MMA promotion as it hosts its 20th event in Europe since its inception.

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Slovenia's MMA veteran Marko Drmonjic stepped onto the BRAVE CF scale with a cool 92.20 kilogrammes, while his opponent, the former body-building world champion and KO machine, Erko Jun, used his experience in the body science industry to make a smooth transition to 92.


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