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BRAVE CF 74: Axel Sola is ready to prove himself

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

Set for September 7 in Nantes, France, Axel Sola is poised to lay his spotless 6-0 MMA record on the line. He's set to clash with Vladislav Rudnev, an equally unbeaten adversary, in a marquee matchup that's destined to be one of the main attractions on the card. The weight of fighting in front of his compatriots is undeniable, but considering the path Axel has trodden to reach this juncture, there's a distinct feeling that he's well-prepared for the occasion.

In his youth, Sola engaged in karate, Muay Thai, and wrestling alongside a slew of other sports such as hockey. While he enjoyed these pursuits, a realization dawned upon him - mixed martial arts offered the ideal platform to amalgamate all his acquired skills into one distinct package. Often feeling a divergence from the interests of his gym mates, MMA resonated as his true passion, charting a pathway that allowed him to feel at ease and true to himself.

Simultaneously ascending in the realm of combat, he pursued a master's degree in sport science. This academic pursuit not only equipped him with the expertise to train athletes and manage rehabilitation after injuries, but also opened doors to coaching opportunities. Though he's a mere 25 years old, Axel Sola personifies a fighter who recognizes the significance of self-awareness. As the showdown with Rudnev approaches, he's been refining his boxing and wrestling, striving to be prepared for any scenario that unfolds.

Balancing three finishes and three decisions on his record, it's evident he possesses the ideal foundation to dazzle and entertain in front of the BRAVE nations.


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