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Bidang Fighting Championship 4 Results: Murad Kurbanov gets win over Rehaan

LockerRoom Team
31 December 2023

In a thrilling night of mixed martial arts action, Bidang Fighting Championship 4 showcased a series of intense battles, culminating in memorable victories and standout performances.

Murad Kurbanov asserted his dominance in the cage, securing a victory over Rehaan Lulla via a first-round submission with a Guillotine choke. Kurbanov's technical prowess was on full display, earning him a well-deserved triumph.

Mansur Gitinov exhibited his grappling skills, securing a first-round submission victory over Suyash Jadhav with an Anaconda Choke. The precision and efficiency of Gitinov's submission game were evident in this impressive performance.

In a display of striking prowess, Mohammad Azim Mokhlis secured a first-round TKO victory over Pawan Gupta. Mridul Saikia showcased his submission prowess, securing a victory over Karan Chauhan via a first-round Triangle Choke.

Hansraj Samota displayed his skills in a hard-fought battle against Darren Kharshandy, ultimately securing victory via unanimous decision. The judges unanimously acknowledged Samota's performance, solidifying his win in a closely contested bout.

Karan Singh Jadav wasted no time in the cage, securing a first-round submission victory over Angel Debbarma with a Rear Naked Choke. Monjit Yein showcased his resilience and skills in a compelling contest against Kenedy Mawiong, ultimately earning a victory via unanimous decision.

In an impressive display of striking, Aboto Ayemi secured a second-round TKO victory over Ebiangmi Langstang.

Bidang Fighting Championship 4 delivered a night of exceptional fights, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next instalment of this dynamic martial arts series.

Bidang Fighting Championship 4 Results

  • Murad Kurbanov def. Rehaan Lulla via First Round Submission (Guillotine)
  • Mansur Gitinov def. Suyash Jadhav via First Round Submission (Anaconda Choke)
  • Mohammad Azim Mokhlis def. Pawan Gupta via First Round TKO
  • Mridul Saikia def. Karan Chauhan via First Round Submission (Triangle Choke)
  • Hansraj Samota def. Darren Kharshandy via Unanimous Decision
  • Karan Singh Jadav def. Angel Debbarma via First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Monjit Yein def. Kenedy Mawiong via Unanimous Decision
  • Aboto Ayemi def. Ebiangmi Langstang via Second Round TKO

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