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Ayaka Miura Makes Waves on Atomweight division with Win Over Itsuki Hirata

LockerRoom Team
30 January 2024

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Ayaka Miura has firmly planted herself on the atomweight MMA radar, securing a decisive victory over fellow Japanese judoka Itsuki Hirata.

Known by her fitting moniker, "Zombie," Miura wasted no time asserting dominance from the opening bell. The Tribe Tokyo MMA star lived up to her nickname, displaying tenacity in her pursuit of a submission and leaving no room for her opponent, aptly nicknamed "Android 18," to catch a breath throughout the intense 15-minute bout.

Miura, a former challenger for the ONE Women’s Strawweight MMA World Title, has now introduced a new dynamic to the upper echelon of the atomweight division. Her performance has not only showcased her prowess but has also set the stage for her ambitious goal of breaking into the top five rankings.

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As the MMA community takes notice of Miura's impressive victory, the fighter herself is ready to elevate her status in the atomweight division. With her eyes set on the top five, Miura is poised to continue making waves and carving out her place among the elite in the highly competitive world of atomweight MMA.


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