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Like Father, like sons: Aung La N Sang’s sons impress in BJJ Competition

LockerRoom Team
12 March 2024

Aung La N Sang, the celebrated former two-division champion of ONE Championship and Myanmar's biggest MMA superstar, recently took to social media to share a heartwarming update about his sons, Ethan Thang and Aung De N Sang, as they continue to carve their own paths in martial arts.

In a post on his official social media accounts, Aung La N Sang revealed that his sons recently competed in the gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu division, marking another milestone in their martial arts journey. Despite facing challenges in previous tournaments, Aung La expressed pride in his sons' perseverance and determination.

"My two boys Ethan Thang and Aung De N Sang closed out their gi BJJ division this weekend. They’ve had a couple of tough tournaments previously, so I’m proud of them for not giving up," Aung La wrote.

Beyond their achievements on the mats, Aung La emphasized the importance of character, highlighting his sons' kindness and respectfulness. "More importantly, I’m proud of them because they are kind and respectful boys," he added.

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The post not only showcases the athletic accomplishments of Ethan Thang and Aung De N Sang but also underscores the values instilled in them by their father. Aung La's dedication to martial arts and his commitment to integrity serve as guiding principles for his sons as they navigate their own journeys in the sport.


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