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From Nagaland to the World: A lookback at the MMA journey of Arsenba Ozukum

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Calendar Icon15 September 2023

Arsenba Ozukum is a name that needs no introduction for the diehard MMA fans in India. The Naga Fighter has been a mainstay in Amateur MMA tournaments across the nation for many years and now, he is making his mark professionally at Matrix Fight Night. Here is a look back at his journey so far. 

Joining The Combat Academy Nagaland

Arsenba's MMA journey began with a passion for combat sports, which led him to The Combat Academy in Nagaland, India. Under the guidance of Coach Khriemelie Metha, Arsenba embarked on a path that would see him rise through the ranks.

National Triumphs

Arsenba's ascent to MMA stardom was marked by significant milestones in national competitions. In 2018, he secured the gold medal at the AIMMAF 2nd National Championship, signalling the start of his successful journey. His impeccable skills and relentless drive caught the attention of his coach and peers, who recognized his immense potential.

International Recognition

As Arsenba's skills continued to evolve, he ventured onto the international stage, where he achieved greater recognition. In 2021, he clinched the title of GAMMAI National MMA Champion, solidifying his dominance in the Indian MMA scene. This triumph opened doors to international competitions, where he continued to excel.

At the GAMMA Indian National Championship, Arsenba emerged as the gold medalist, showcasing his prowess and determination. His achievements extended to the Asian Championship, where he proudly secured a bronze medal. The pinnacle of his career came at the GAMMA World Championship, where he added another bronze medal to his collection, proving his mettle on the global stage.

Turning Professional at Matrix Fight Night

With an impressive amateur MMA record of 13 wins and 3 losses, Arsenba demonstrated adaptability and resilience throughout his fights. Even in the professional arena, where the competition intensified, he maintained his composure, boasting 1 win and 1 loss.

He made his professional MMA debut at Matrix Fight Night against Bishwamitra of Manipur at MFN 9 and impressed everyone by picking up a decision victory. While he suffered a setback in his next outing at MFN 10 against Dinesh Naorem, Arsenba looks poised to make an impact as he moves forward in his professional MMA career. The next fight of Arsenba happens at MFN 13 in Noida. 

Arsenba Ozukum's journey from a passionate young fighter to a celebrated MMA sensation underscores the talent and potential within Indian MMA. With every fight, he carries the hopes and dreams of a nation eager to witness his rise to greatness.


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