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BRAVE CF 81: Boxer Agron Smakici set to make BRAVE CF Debut at the event

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Calendar Icon01 April 2024

Renowned Croatian boxer Agron Smakici is set to make waves in the world of mixed martial arts as he prepares to step into the cage at BRAVE CF 81, marking his debut in the esteemed BRAVE Combat Federation.

Smakici's transition from the boxing ring to the MMA arena is a notable deviation from the norm, showcasing his versatility and eagerness to explore new avenues within combat sports. With a professional boxing record of 20-2 and an MMA record of 1-1, Smakici brings a wealth of experience and skill to his inaugural BRAVE CF appearance, where he will face off against Poland's Patryk Dubiela.

While it's commonplace for MMA fighters to cross over into boxing, Smakici's decision to enter the MMA realm represents a reversal of this trend, highlighting his determination to compete at the highest level in a diverse range of combat disciplines.

A seasoned veteran in the realm of professional boxing since 2011, Smakici has garnered international acclaim as one of Croatia's premier Heavyweight boxers. Boasting an impressive knockout ratio, with 18 out of his 20 victories secured via knockout, Smakici's formidable punching power has earned him a revered status within the boxing community.

Notably, Smakici's impact transcends the confines of the ring, as evidenced by his pivotal role in the postponement of the highly anticipated bout between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. During a sparring session, Smakici's punch inadvertently led to a cut on Fury, resulting in the rescheduling of the Fury vs. Usyk showdown. Despite the unforeseen disruption, Smakici's performance garnered admiration from Fury himself, who endorsed the Croatian as a sparring partner for Joseph Parker.

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With two prior MMA bouts under his belt, Smakici is poised to make a resounding impression on the global MMA stage as he ventures into uncharted territory with BRAVE Combat Federation. BRAVE CF 81, slated to take place in Ljubljana on April 20th, promises to be a spectacle of international proportions, with fighters representing 13 nations converging on the fight card for an electrifying showcase of skill and athleticism.


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