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Israel Adesanya reacts to the win of Sean O Malley at UFC 299

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Calendar Icon11 March 2024

In a thrilling showdown at UFC 299, Sean O'Malley showcased his exceptional skills as he outclassed Marlon Vera to retain the UFC Bantamweight Title in the main event. O'Malley's mesmerizing performance drew widespread praise, including from fellow UFC star Israel Adesanya, who expressed his admiration for the champion's display of prowess.

Reacting to O'Malley's victory on his YouTube channel, Adesanya delivered high praise, declaring, "That was a fg beautiful fight. Mr. Cool Guy. O’Malley, fg hell! Just mesmerizing, beautiful to watch." Adesanya's enthusiastic commentary highlighted the precision and finesse displayed by O'Malley throughout the bout.

Adesanya continued his praise, emphasizing O'Malley's pinpoint accuracy in striking and his ability to control the fight with ease. "Even watching from the couch, whenever he was doing his feint, I found myself like reacting a little bit," Adesanya remarked. "He was just able to just do whatever he wanted standing right in front of him, moving off the center line and 'Chito' [Vera] wasn’t able to catch up."

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Reflecting on the dangerous gap that widened between the fighters, Adesanya highlighted O'Malley's proficiency in capitalizing on opportunities to land decisive strikes. "Cause just the gap started to widen dangerous in round one because Sean can just catch you," Adesanya explained, emphasizing the threat posed by O'Malley's striking prowess.

Adesanya's commentary echoed the sentiments of many fans and analysts, who lauded O'Malley's dominant performance and reaffirmed his status as one of the most formidable fighters in the UFC Bantamweight division.


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