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Pratik Gavali and Ritesh Kohar secure medals at ADCC Phuket International

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

The ADCC Phuket International Open, organized by ADCC Thailand, showcased remarkable talent and fierce competition on August 19, 2023. Held at the Central Mini Convention hall in Phuket, this prestigious event drew participants from around the world. Among them, two Indian fighters made their mark by clinching bronze medals in their respective categories.

Pratik Gavali Secures Bronze in Men +18 Years Beginner Adult Category, -76 KG

Pratik Gavali, representing India, displayed exceptional skills and determination in the Men +18 Years Beginner Adult Category, competing in the -76 KG weight class. His impressive performance earned him the bronze medal, a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence in the sport of grappling.

Ritesh Kohar Shines in Men -18 Years Beginner Adult +100 KG Category

Ritesh Kohar, another talented Indian fighter, showcased his prowess in the Men -18 Years Beginner Adult +100 KG category. His formidable presence on the mats led to a well-deserved bronze medal. Kohar's victory highlighted the depth of talent emerging from the Indian grappling scene.

Guided by Indian MMA Veteran Chaitanya Gavali

Both Pratik Gavali and Ritesh Kohar have honed their skills under the expert guidance of Indian MMA veteran Chaitanya Gavali at the Ultimate MMA and Fitness Gym in Mumbai. Gavali's mentorship and coaching have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in their success on the international stage.

India's Medal Haul

These two bronze medals were the sole medals secured by the Indian contingent at the ADCC Phuket International Open. Pratik Gavali's remarkable journey didn't end with his bronze; he also achieved a commendable 9th place finish in the Men's Absolute Beginner category, a testament to his versatility and determination.

Top Performers and Teams

Russia emerged as the top-performing nation at the event, amassing an impressive 60 points. Brazil secured the second position with 27 points, while the United States claimed the third spot with 16 points. The Phuket Grappling Academy led the team standings with a commanding 64 points, followed by Equipe Nova Uniao with 14 points. Nova Uniao completed the top three teams with 10 points, highlighting the depth of talent and competition at the ADCC Phuket International Open.

As Indian fighters continue to make their mark, the future of grappling in the country looks promising, and these athletes serve as inspirations for aspiring grapplers across India.


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