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Reopening Gyms in India: How Warrior?s Cove MMA in Gurgaon is reopening

LockerRoom Team
20 August 2020

The Gyms across India have reopened following the COVID-19 lockdown. The lockdown had been a huge blow for the Indian fitness industry in general but now that the restrictions are eased, it is time to adapt and get back to business.

In this series ‘Reopening of Gyms in India’, we hope to feature multiple gyms across the nation and their plans in the post-COVID time period. In this third chapter, we will be talking to Ashwin Hoon who is the co-owner of Warrior’s Cove Mixed Martial Arts gym in Gurgaon.

Ashwin is also a competitor and had won the ADCC India Gold Earlier this year. Here is what he had to say about the reopening of Warrior’s Cover Mixed Martial Arts, The new safety precautions and more.

How the lockdown was utilized

The lockdown time was utilized by our teachers to hone their skills and take them to another level. We have had members literally calling in on a daily basis asking to be allowed to train!

New safety precautions in the gym

So for starters, there is no sharing of equipment. There's a sanitization schedule in place throughout the day, no showers for the moment and we have the members sign a COVID-19 liability waiver. We sanitize every inch of the academy throughout the day and make sure people can't do back to back classes. We have also invested in new software that allows members to book classes. There is a limit to the number of people in each class.

Reaction from the members

The reaction by the members has been very positive, we have seen an inflow of the competition team, and there is a slow but sure trickle of the enthusiasts as well.

Take on Government Guidelines and training combat sports

My take on the Government’s guidelines is not important, they've set out rules and we will adhere. We plan to slowly start including more contact as and when it is allowed.

Tune in for the next chapter in the series where we will be featuring another gym that has reopened post-lockdown.


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