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UGC 2: Raajus Dewan wins pro bracket, Atharva and Nayan with Amateur brackets

LockerRoom Team
14 June 2022

Ultimate Grappling Championship 2 (UGC 2) is in the books. The event saw competition in three categories (Men’s Pro, Men’s Amateur, and Women’s Amateur) across two days in Pune with grapplers from around the country competing.

In the pro-bracket, Raajus Dewan of Warrior’s Cove MMA took home the prize money of Rs. 30,000 and the top spot when his teammate Gaurav came in second. Raajus reached the finals with wins over Prathamesh and Ketan while Gaurav reached the finals with wins over Dipesh Rasal and Niraj Waval.

Elsewhere, in the amateur men’s bracket, Atharva Deshmukh came out on top. Atharva, who represented AKA Mandrem, outclassed Kishan Gupta of Cobra Thai in the finals to take home the win and the cash prize. Prior to fighting Kishan, Atharva booked his place in the finals with a win over Dhruv. Kishan, on the other hand, defeated his teammate Tanmay in the semi-finals.

Nayan Mandlik of Cobra Thai emerged victorious in the Women’s Amateur MMA bracket after she submitted Sai Patil of P-Town West MMA. Nayan had earlier defeated Tanvi in the semi-finals when Sai made her way into the finals with a win over Shweta Roy.

Ultimate Grappling Championship 2 or UGC 2 happened in P-Town West MMA in Pune on 11 June 2022 and 12 June 2022.

The event featured teams such as P-Town West MMA, Abrasumente Academy from Arunachal Pradesh, Warrior's Cove MMA in Delhi, AKA Mandrem in Goa, Team Relentless in Mumbai, Cobra Thai in Pune, and UFC Gym in Bandra among many others. It also had prize money of more than 1.5 Lakh in prize money up for grabs.

Xpeed served as the merchandize partner for the event which saw Spoden as Oral Health Care partner, Poshtik Switch as Nutrition Partner, Fluvium as Apparel Partner, HC Rehab Centre as Medical Partner, Warrior’s Cove MMA Academy as Technical Advisors, and LockerRoom India as Streaming Partners.


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