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Transformation Stories: Reshma KC details her Fat to Fit Journey

LockerRoom Team
30 June 2020

Transformation Stories is a series from LockerRoom Fitness where we feature inspirational fitness journeys. In this edition, Fitness Enthusiast and Software Engineer Reshma KC details her story.

I was always a heavyset child with a propensity to gain weight quickly. As the years went by, although I grew older, I never grew into a healthy BMI, and my weight issue only became more problematic.

The Struggle of being Overweight 

I never gave a damn about how my body looks, I used to eat everything. I didn’t have any idea about saturated fat, unsaturated fat, protein, carbs, and vitamins among others. 

Like every fat guy/girl, I was also bullied by many of my seniors at school. There was a time when I was killing myself mentally due to body shaming issues. All these factors lead to low confidence in myself.

There was a period where I felt afraid to go for functions thinking that humiliation will follow me. I opened up my issues neither to my friends nor to my family because I was still afraid of whether they will mock me on the same.

Well, for every one of us, we all have a time that later becomes the turning point of our life, right?

The Mistake of drastically reducing calories 

Yeah, that was the start of my fitness journey. It was back in 2017 when I got a job letter from an MNC and then I moved out of my hometown for training purposes. By moving there, it changed everything including My diet, my daily activities, and my sleep patterns.

I had to take care of every little thing from food to laundry. I didn't get the same diet that I was getting from my home. And I dropped a lot of fat during that phase.

I started getting appreciations from my cousins and friends, forget about their appreciation I myself was happy with this change so I decided to push it more. I followed a very strict diet (I cut more than half of my daily calorie need, I know I shouldn’t have done that) followed by daily running.

But that was the biggest mistake of my life. Cutting more calories increases the cravings that will lead you to binge eating. This leads to an increase in my body fat% and I understood that I need some guidance in terms of nutrition and training.

Learning the basics through a Facebook Page 

It was then in late 2018 I found a Facebook page named "Getsetgo Fitness" where everything related to fitness and nutrition is discussed. They are evidence-based internationally certified coaches. Their own fitness stories and nutrition tips inspired me a lot.

I followed the page and later signed up with a coach Yashovardhan Singh as my PT. It was a 12-week training program and he taught me the basics of nutrition and training. I understood the terms such as calorie deficit, calorie surplus, Refeed day, NEAT among others. 

The Important of Energy Balance 

Through his guidance, I now know there is not at all the need for a strict or restrictive diet to lose weight. It’s all about energy balance. You can have everything in your diet but in moderate portion size. That is what we call as mindful eating. I started to count calories, understood the importance of macros, and most importantly the role of protein in our diet during the fat loss phase.

Meeting him was an eye-opener for me. Even after the training period with him, I know how to manage my daily chores. The key here is being accountable and consistent both in the case of training and nutrition.

Current Workout Schedule 

Currently, I follow a six-day split in strength training (legs/push/pull) along with badminton/Zumba/running as a part of my cardio training. I do socialize; eat my favourite delicacies but everything in the calculated amount or in small portions.

So years of hard work and continuous experiments with my body and different diet have taught me that it’s really important to stay fit. And by fit, it doesn’t mean that you need to put those bulky muscles on your body. Just work hard, stay fit, and love your body enough and it’ll serve you in your old age.

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