Indian MMA

Team India bags eight medals at the 2019 World Martial Arts Games in London

Team India under the banner of National Martial Arts Committee-India participated at the 2019 World Martial Arts Games in London last month and came home with eight medals.

The tally for India stood at 6 Bronze Medals and Two Silvers. The silvers were picked up by Dhruvik Nasit of Gujarat and Harshita Chaudhary of Uttrakhand in their respective Kumite categories.

Elsewhere, Dhruvik also won a bronze medal in the Point Sparring event. Namoshya Borah (Continuous Sparring) , Samad Laskar (Continous Sparring), Kiruthswaran Bhaskaran (Kumite) were the other Bronze medal winners.

Preety Sarkar picked up two bronze medals at the event having won them in Kata and Point Sparring.

The team was led by manager RK Bharat, coach Satish Joshi and head of delegation Neeraj Mehra. Below are the complete list of medal winners and their categories.

  • Namoshya Borah (North East) - Bronze Medal In Continuous Sparring (11-13 Year's)
  • Samad Laskar (Assam) - Bronze Medal In Continuous Sparring (18-35 year's)
  • Preety Sarkar (Assam) - Bronze Medal In Kata And Point Sparring
  • Dhruvik Nasit (Gujrat) - Silver Medal In Kumite and Bronze Medal In Point Sparring
  • Harshita Chaudhary (Uttrakhand) - Silver Medal in Kumite
  • Kiruthswaran Bhaskaran  (Tamilanadu) - Bronze Medal In Kumite