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Ratul Mukherjee details why you should watch out for Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh

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Calendar Icon28 December 2020

Indian Wushu superstar Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh is all set to make his transition to Mixed Martial Arts at Soul of Warriors 2 (SOW 2) on January 9, 2021 in Kolkata.

Surya, who is a multiple-time World Wushu Championship medallist for India and an Asian Games Medalist, has an exceptional resume to showcase and will be going up against Provanjan at the event.

SOW promoter Ratul Mukherjee was a guest on the Cageside Series from One Dojo last day and he revealed the story of how the MMA transition of Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh materialized.

“Bhanu is a lucky draw for us. He contacted us and he wanted to fight in MMA. I talked to him and when he said he is from a Wushu background. I asked him for more details. So he sent me his Instagram link and that’s when I realized that he is a two-time Bronze Medallist in World Wushu Championship. He has won a medal in the Asian Games. He has an exceptional resume. He is also an officer in Jammu and Kashmir Police. And when I talked further with him, I realized that he trains with some of the best training partners out there,” he said during the interview.

Ratul also went on to detail why Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh is someone that the Indian MMA circuit should watch out for.

“He is one of the best in striking, I’m yet to see his grappling. But from what I’ve seen, if he enters the Bantamweight division in the Indian MMA circuit and acquires some good takedown defense, he could make a name for himself in the world. He already has that exposure, he has already been in Russia, and He has already been in China. He has that training exposure; he has that international fighting experience. He is also in his prime at this moment and I think he is as dangerous as Sumeet Khade from what I’ve seen when it comes to striking. People should consider him as a real threat at Bantamweight,” he said.

During the interview, it was further revealed that SOW will be looking to host six to eight events in the year 2021 with locations such as Bangalore, North East India, and other parts of West Bengal in the picture. Ratul also opened up about a string of controversies during the chat which you can see in the video above.

What do you think of the MMA transition of Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh? Let us know in the comment section below.

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