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Superbon Proves He Is The Best In The World With Win Over Grigorian

LockerRoom Team
28 March 2022

A loss that haunted Superbon Singha Mawynn was finally resolved last Saturday at ONE X: Grand Finale. After losing to Marat Grigorian four years ago by knockout, the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion held that failure close to his heart and vowed to redeem himself. 

Despite a spectacular knockout of Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan late last year, one that earned him the world championship, Superbon still had qualms about his status within the ONE Circle. 

“I think there are a lot of great athletes in my division, but because I [lost to Grigorian] in my last fight, I’ll need to [prove] myself by [beating] him in this upcoming fight,” Superbon said. 

The Thai finally did so at the organization’s 10-year event on 26 March, despite Grigorian’s initial strong performance at the start of their bout.  

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It was clear from the opening bell that the Armenian athlete was hunting for another knockout statement, as he focused primarily on his boxing and chased Superbon around the Circle.  

However, the champion kept him at bay by utilizing his kicks and knees, leaving Grigorian unable to accomplish much. 

As the bout progressed, Grigorian’s stamina seemed to wane, and his strikes became less effective. Superbon, on the other hand, grew more dominant as he attacked with kicks and knees. While Grigorian was managing his heavy power shots, they were far between one another, which left plenty of room for Superbon to deliver teeps and knees that exhausted his opponent. 

Prior to their bout, Superbon promised a game plan that would succeed within the Circle. 

“I can say that I train well and have a good game plan. And, if I can do exactly as I plan, I will definitely win. I think victory depends on myself. It doesn't depend on your opponent. If you can follow your game plan, you will definitely win. Because in the game plan, you know what to do and how to handle the opponent,” he said.  

This strategy resulted in his victory and his first successful title defense, as well as putting his mind at ease about being the best in the division. 

Up next, the Singapore Indoor Stadium will host ONE: RELOADED on 22 April, so stay tuned for more action. 


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