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Indian Fighter Sony Soman Krishna talks about his combat sports journey

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Calendar Icon29 August 2020

Sony Soman Krishna has been an active name in the Indian combat scene for quite some time now. Fighting out of Alappuzha in Kerala, Sony was a guest on the Kerala Fight World interview series last week where he opened up about his fighting career, dream fights, and more.

Starting his career and support from Grandmother

In the interview, Sony noted that he started his combat sports career at the age of 12-years when he took up Kung-Fu. He then transitioned into Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and finally into Mixed Martial Arts.

Although he faced some stiff resistance from his family, his grandmother has been quite supportive of his combat sports career which Sony balances alongside his job as a Special Police Officer.

The initial challenges and Black Tigers Fight Club

When Sony started out his combat sports career, he came across many physical hurdles which made him question whether he wanted to continue the journey. He remembers vomiting on the first day of his training and how he became used to the training process later on through his determination.

Once his combat sports career took off, Sony started his own gym in Alappuzha: Black Tigers Fight Club. The gym has different disciplines and gained nearly 200 students over its existence which leaned down due to the ongoing pandemic.

Combat Sports in Kerala and Most Memorable Fight

Sony notes that there has been exponential growth in the combat sports events in Kerala. During his early days, he had to travel a lot to compete but added that the frequency of the event has increased over the past few years.

His fight with Afghan fighter Osama Khan in International Fight League back in 2018 is what Sony holds as his most memorable fight. The Keralite feels that it was his toughest fight to date and although he lost the fight, he holds his opponent in high regard.

Sony also added that he is usually friendly with most of his opponents and that almost everyone forgets the rivalry once they step out of the ring or the cage.

Future Plans and advice to people

In the long run, Sony hopes to expand his fight club and promote martial arts in his area. He also advised people to learn martial arts due to the benefits it brings but at the same time, he suggests avoiding misusing the same.

You can watch the complete interview in Malayalam below:


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I feel where much happy to see this article coz it very much helpful and inspirational to other who proceeds in this field and may be it will be a good turn to some who face some resistance in proceeding


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