EXCLUSIVE: Sam Patterson talks about his BRAVE CF 55 fight, Ahmed Amir, and more

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05 November 2021

Sam Patterson has been on an impressive run in the BRAVE Combat Federation Lightweight division for quite some time now. The 25-year-old who currently holds a professional record of 7-1-1 to his name has is on a three-fight winning streak and has a draw with current BRAVE CF Lightweight champion Ahmed Amir on his resume.

Patterson will be looking to extend his winning streak and secure a title shot when he steps into the cage at BRAVE CF 55 to fight Kamil Magomedov.

“I’m in amazing shape. The camp has been grueling hard and everything necessary for the upcoming challenge, I’ve done everything that I can and I’m ready to put on a show in Russia,” Patterson said in an exclusive.

When asked about whether he got a chance to scout his opponent, Patterson had the following to say.

“I haven’t seen too much to be fair. He is 14-1 that’s all I really know, he’s got a lot of submissions and there’s talk about his grappling being high level but from what I know, his last fight was this time last year, so there is no point in watching in last fight because if he has improved as much as I have after my last fight, he is not going to be the same fighter. I don’t really watch my opponent’s fights anyways and there is no point in watching a fight from a year ago as I would be expecting him to be better than that so mainly, I focus on what I do,” he added.

BRAVE CF Title shot at the horizon

With three huge wins on his resume, Patterson could be just one more win away from a rematch and a title fight with Ahmed Amir. The English MMA Star, however, is not feeling the pressure.

“I don’t feel the added pressure. I take every fight as they come. Like if this fight does not give me a title shot, I mean no one else in the division is on the winning streak that I’m, beating the guys I’m beating. Again, Kamil is my next challenge, I’m not looking past that. Whatever is after that, we’ll discuss after the fight,” Patterson said.

Considering his last showdown with Ahmed Amir, a rematch for the BRAVE CF lightweight title could be the perfect storyline.

“I believe that our last technical losses were to each other, I mean we drew. So, it makes sense that we fight again. He was on a two-fight winning streak and got a title shot and I went on a three-fight winning streak in the division and this will be my fourth fight. But I can’t look past Kamil and think about the title shot. So right now, my main focus is on Kamil,” the 25-year-old noted.

The division under the spotlight is yet to see a successful title defense and many are terming it as a ‘curse’. Though Patterson does not believe in it, he thinks that Amir could also fail if the two end up facing soon.

“The curse thing is like a lot of waffle you know. The guys who got the title, unfortunately, got beaten by the next guy. It’s just a coincidence that it has happened to the last 2-3 champions, Like I said, if it is true and I’m the Butcher’s next fight, then the curse will remain the same and he will lose the title. But the curse I think is superstition,” he said.

Rocky IV vibes in Russia and the Potential Title fight

Patterson will be fighting in enemy territory this time around and fighting a Russian in Russia is no cakewalk. In addition to this, the event will happen in the hometown of Kamil.

“It’s good you know, like Rocky IV. The main event is like American vs. Russian, so Shorty Torres takes the biscuit for that one but yeah, it has been a Rocky IV vibe, going to Russia and fighting a Russian. It will be a great experience; it is his hometown but I love all that. I love anything you can put on me pressure-wise,” he said.

When asked about what the fans can expect from the fight. Here is what he had to say.

“I think it is going to be a fast-paced fight. I’m prepared to go all out in 15 minutes. If he can keep up with my cardio which a lot of people cannot, then we are in for a great fight,” Patterson concluded.

What do you think of the upcoming match at BRAVE CF 55? Let us know in the comments below. 

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