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Rolando Dy recalls his combat sports journey ahead of the fight at BRAVE CF 44

LockerRoom Team
28 October 2020

Even though BRAVE CF’s Rolando Dy has combat sports royalty running through his blood, his road in mixed martial arts was a ‘’normal’’ one, not enlightened by the glory of his father, boxing world champion Rolando Navarrete, in any way, shape or form.

Navarrete made history in his native Philippines as the first Lightweight world champion from the country in the WBC ranks. His son, Rolando Dy, is possibly one fight away from fighting for a Lightweight world belt of his own - but in mixed martial arts and under the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world, BRAVE CF.

As Dy prepares for a clash against John Brewin, which is set to take place at BRAVE CF 44, on November 5th, in Bahrain, he can’t help but reflect on a lifetime of lessons and experiences in combat sports - especially as he’s going up against a young, hungry prospect, and will need all of that experience to prevail.

Even though his father was a boxing world champion, his divorce from Dy’s mom meant that he wasn’t around as much as both men would like it. Rolando is still in touch with Navarrete, but admits that the decision to fight for a living was independent from his father’s own path.

‘’I think I’m a fighter since birth. I always fought in school, elementary, high school, college…I always fought and I didn’t really know where I fit in until I found martial arts. When I decided to pursue martial arts as a career I found myself. I think I was born to be a fighter. Yes, I was born to be a fighter. I’ve been a fighter since birth’’, says ‘’Dy Incredible’’, who details his relationship with his father.

‘’I didn’t grow up in the care of my father, but we’ve always been ok. We talk sometimes over the phone and on Facebook. I don’t hate him, he doesn't hate me. But he never influenced me to fight and he never trained me. I’m thankful I have his genes, his fighting genes. They help me in fighting. I believe I was born to be a fighter because even though I didn’t grow up in my father’s care and didn’t receive any training for him, I still became a fighter’’.

Now, set for the biggest fight of his career, Rolando Dy has another person to make proud. His baby daughter Joy, born right before his last fight - a decisive win over Maciej Gierszewski. Another victory, this time against Brewin, could very well land ‘’Dy Incredible’’ in a title fight.

‘’Brewin is one of the top contenders. I think he’s on a winning streak currently, and he would be a fight away from the title. I think if I beat this guy very convincingly, it will be a doorway for me to fight for the title myself (…) He’s a good fighter, but he has never fought someone like me, and I fought better guys than him. I hope he’s ready because I’m ready to take over’’.

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