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Bi Nguyen dismisses comments from Ritu Phogat about the fight at ONE: Dangal

LockerRoom Team
22 August 2021

Bi Nguyen ended the undefeated run of Indian MMA star Ritu Phogat at ONE: Dangal when she secured a decision victory at the event.

Ritu was undefeated in MMA with a record of 4-0 heading into the fight and was clearly unhappy with the decision of the judges that ruled in favor of Nguyen after the three-round showdown.

Now, Nguyen has given her reaction to the comments of Ritu. While talking to ONE Championship, Nguyen had the following to say.

“I think it’s valid that she feels that way, and I understand it only because she’s a wrestler and she’s new. Mind you, Ritu’s a baby in MMA. She’s brand new to MMA. You have to take into account where you fight. Part of being an athlete is knowing where you’re competing and what the criteria are. ONE always favors damage. It was really close. It was basically her doing her game versus me doing my game, but my game just did way more damage. She was almost out in the third.

You should always feel like you won, especially since she’s young to the game. She’s a wrestler, so of course, in her head, the wrestling is over the striking that I did. And it did take up more time than mine, but I just did more damage.

It is what it is. It was a close decision, but I think by ONE criteria, I definitely won. She didn’t do any damage on the ground,” she said during the interview.

She also suggested that Ritu should use the fight as a learning experience.

“I mean, she’s a fighter. She should think she won. But as I said, she’ll start understanding. I really hope that Ritu does look back at the fight, understand where she fights, and understand what she can do better. You just have to learn from each fight, and it’s fine that you thought you won, but I hope that she sees what she can do better, because I have, even though I won,” Nguyen added.

Nguyen will be going up against Team Lakay’s Jenelyn Olsim next at ONE: BATTLEGROUND III in Singapore, which premieres on Friday, 27 August.

What do you think of the comments from Nguyen? Let us know in the comments below.

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