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Mehmosh Raza responds to the India vs. Pakistan callout from Rana Singh

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Calendar Icon10 January 2021

Last day, we had revealed that Indian MMA fighter Rana Rudra Pratap Singh inked a deal with BRAVE Combat Federation. In an exclusive interview, Rana had also called out Pakistan’s Mehmosh Raza for his promotional debut.

“I’m interested to fight Mehmosh Raza because he is one of the top fighters from Pakistan at the moment. And I also have an undefeated record. So it will be an interesting fight for India and Pakistan,” Rana had noted.

And now, Mehmosh Raza has responded to the call out.

“It’s not every day I get called out by my Chaiwala (Tea seller). I appreciate your tea making skills but unfortunately, don’t respect your martial arts ability. I suggest you get back to what you’re good at and make daddy another drink,” Mehmosh noted on his Instagram page while sharing a post from LockerRoom.

Mehmosh Raza has been an active name on the BRAVE Combat Federation roster. He currently holds a record of 10-4 to his name and had secured a win against Calum Murrie at BRAVE CF 43.

Rana, meanwhile, currently holds a professional record of 10-0 to his name and is coming off a first-round submission win in Singapore against Korea’s Seung Hyun Cho. He also has multiple international wins on his resume and has been an active name in the Indian domestic circuit as well.

"If he has so much interest in drinking tea, I'll make him drink his own blood inside the cage'" Rana replied in an exclusive statement. 

Rana has also dropped a comment on the post by Mehmosh Raza saying 'Baap toh Baap Hota hain, aur beta beta hota hain, yaad rakna' which translates to 'Dad is Dad and Kid is Kid, remember that', and he noted that he will be giving the answers to his Pakistan counterpart inside the ring.

Let us know your thoughts on a potential India vs. Pakistan MMA fight between Rana Rudra Pratap Singh and Mehmosh Raza in the comment section below.

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