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4th Muay-Thai Title Belt Championship: Here is the fight card for the event

LockerRoom Team
14 February 2020

The Kozhikode Indoor Stadium in Kerala is all set to witness an exciting night of Muay-Thai action. The Spartans School of Martial Arts in Kozhikode in association with the Kerala State Muay-Thai Association will roll out the 4th Muay-Thai Title Belt Championship at the stadium on February 16.

An exciting card has been announced by the organizers which will see Muay-Thai fighters from Kerala locking horns with each other.

Vyshnav, who recently impressed at the recently held Pro-India Muay-Thai league will be going against Lithin Manoj of SFC while Mohammed Shahid will fight Dibin Dev of the hosting Spartans.

Elsewhere, Vishnu Drona, who has plenty of experience to showcase in his resume will fight Jishnu, who is coming off a KO win in his last fight. Aswin vs. Sameer will be another fight to lookout for in the -60 KG category.  

Fahad, yet another name that had a good showing at the Pro-India Muay-Thai league fights Ajith when Albin Samuel vs. Mohammed Sajir, Anand vs. Sajan, Ajas vs. Mohammed Hisham will also be on the card. Deena Dhayal vs. Sagesh and Jasir vs. Mahesh completes the fight card.

Below is the complete list of fights

  • Jasir (Okinawa) vs. Mahesh (LBM)
  • Deena Dhayal (Chinese Ken-Po) vs. Sagesh (PFC)
  • Ajas (LBM) vs. Mohammed Hisham (Spartans)
  • Anand (Chinese Ken-po) vs. Sajan (FMA)
  • Fahad (GFC) vs. Ajith (BTF)
  • Albin Samuel (PFC) vs. Mohammed Sajir (Warriors)
  • Aswin (CLT MUTY) vs. Safeer (AMCA)
  • Vishnu (Kempo) vs. Jishnu (Rhino)
  • Mohammed Shahid (GURU) vs. Dibin Dev (Spartans)
  • Lithin Manoj (SFC) vs. Vyshnav (BDO)

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