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MMAFI hosts Referee and Judges certification programme in Mumbai

LockerRoom Team
12 October 2021

(MMAFI) Mixed Martial Arts Federation India organized a National MMA Referee & Judges Training and Certification Course led by MMAFI President Mayur Bansode and Chief of Referee Council, Surendra Pandey. They covered a wide array of topics in a day-long session.

The course aimed to educate the MMA community about MMA sports’ unified rules & regulations. MMAFI, especially, arranged the event for the officials of the upcoming MMA reality show K1L WarriorHunt.

MMAFI state heads from Telangana, Ladakh, and Gujrat attended the seminar. They volunteered for the course and added to its success. In addition, well-known personalities and coaches from other martial arts styles supported the event by participating in the course and getting certified in Unified MMA Rules.

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The event was conducted and certified by Sensei Surendra Pandey (Chief of MMAFI Referee & Judge Council). MMAFI Gen. Sec Shiba Pradhan submitted all the details and results of the course to the MMAFI Secretary Office for verification.

The certification ceremony was honored by the Chief Guest Adv. Shri Vikram Rothe (VP of Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation), Shri. Sushil Gupta (Entrepreneur & Social Activist) & Shri Mohit Srivastav (Social Activist).

Adv. Shri Vikram Rothe guided participants on various aspects of combat sports. However, he primarily focused on educating athletes and officials about anti-doping to keep sports of MMA safe from drugs and other prohibited substances. He promised a seminar with the Anti-doping authority of India with the dates to be announced soon. The next certification course on MMA Unified Rules is to be conducted on 14 December at Anjuna, Goa.

List of passouts from the course


  • Mangesh R. Talekar
  • Manoj Khambe
  • Arun Pal
  • Sajid R. Rain
  • Yasar Arfat Allauddin Shaikh
  • Mayur Shaukal
  • Vicky Chandrakant Gadwe
  • Sneha Vishwasrao
  • Salauddin Chaus
  • Arvind R. Jaiswar
  • Michael Pereira
  • Ganesh Margaje
  • Shirish Kisan Talekar
  • Nikhil Gunde
  • Muzaffar Saiyed
  • Nihar Londhe
  • Anup Chandran Nair
  • Anil Pandurang Marathe
  • Azharuddin Shaikh
  • Shrinath Prajapati


  • Syed Jalaluddin Zafar
  • Syed Ziauddin Taher
  • Syed Haseebuddin
  • Shaik Shafath Ali
  • Syed Naseeruddin Zubair


  • Arun Chandra Kumar
  • Himanshu L Jain
  • George Emmanuel


  • Mehdi Nasiri

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