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Indian MMA Fight Recommendations #1: Abdul Muneer vs. Gurdarshan Mangat

LockerRoom Team
18 April 2020

One of the most talked-about rivalries in Indian MMA, Abdul Muneer vs. Gurdarshan Mangat had a build-up which lasted months where both fighters traded words.

The whole story started with the ‘Indian Fighter of the Year’ poll which was conducted on online media platform TFG MMA.

Muneer and Mangat had a head to head showdown in the polls which saw both fighters rake in thousands of votes. In the end, it was Muneer that came out on top of the poll but he did not hold back from mentioning how a person representing two flags cannot be termed as an ‘Indian’ fighter. Mangat pounced back with arguments of his own and things soon blew out of proportion leading to a war of words between these two.

BRAVE Combat Federation decided to make it official at Brave CF 5 which was held in Mumbai where Muneer vs. Mangat served as the co-main event. The fight went the distance with Mangat taking the decision win and despite a heated build-up, both fighters showed some great respect once the fight was over.

You can see the full fight below courtesy of BRAVE CF.

'Indian MMA Fight Recommendations' is a series from LockerRoom India where we list down some of the best fights featuring the Indian MMA Fighters.


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