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Exclusive: Luan Miau wants to take out ?fake champion? Cleiton Silva

LockerRoom Team
12 March 2020

Luan ‘Miau’ Santiago is no stranger to the Brave Combat Federation fans. He has been a mainstay in the promotion since its inception and now, he is all set to make his return to the cage at Brave CF 35.

A former Brave CF Lightweight champion, Luan is coming into Brave CF 35 fresh off a huge victory against Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev at Brave CF 29 in Bahrain. The win, however, came at Super Lightweight which was a weight class that Luan chose just so that he can fight in Bahrain.

Luan ‘Miau’ Santiago:  I really wanted to fight in Bahrain but I didn’t want to go through a big weight cut. So in order to fight right after my last fight, I fought in that weight class. But that was just a one-off thing because I want to go back to my original weight class.  

With his heart still in Lightweight division, Luan Santiago is eager to settle the score with Cleiton Silva who he sees as an unworthy champion to the division. For the uninitiated, Cleiton had secured a win over Luan back at Brave CF 25 to capture the Lightweight title. With the rivalry at an epitome, Luan even noted that he is open to fighting Cleiton at any weight class.

Luan ‘Miau’ Santiago: I want to beat-up Cleiton Silva and get my belt back. Cleiton specifically, I would fight him in any weight class. It doesn’t even have to be for the belt because he is in a place where he doesn’t belong. He was not born to be a champion. I had a bad day when we last fought but next time, it will be different. I’m going to beat him up really badly. It’s weird to me that he is getting all this attention because he is no one. He just came along just because of a bit of luck. He is a champion without any support. He is a fake champion. 

Apart from the score that he has to settle with Cleiton, Luan also said that he wants to take out Guram Kutateladze and avenge the loss that his professor suffered.

Luan ‘Miau’ Santiago: I have to beat up Guram Kutateladze because he defeated my professor. My Professor and I are like family. I told him that I would avenge that loss and I will avenge that loss. 

While these two are indeed the biggest concerns that Luan has at the moment, he is open to a showdown with reigning Super Lightweight champion Elder Eldarov sometime in the future considering that he did get a huge win at Super Lightweight.

Luan ‘Miau’ Santiago: Eldarov is a fight that I would definitely take if I move to that weight class. Eldarov does have great wrestling but he has some problems in movement and striking. So if it is up to me, it’s going to be an electrifying fight for the fans.

As for Brave CF 35, Luan is currently scheduled to fight Amin Ayoub at the event in Brazil but he has started campaigning for a shot at Cleiton Silva who currently does not have an opponent for the show after Guram Kutateladze pulled out of the main event title fight due to an injury.

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