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Matrix Fight Night: Indian MMA star Jason Ramesh Solomon reveals his hit list

LockerRoom Team
10 June 2020

Indian MMA star Jason Ramesh Solomon, who appeared on the Matrix Fight Night Instagram Live last day along with Coach Alan Fenandes, revealed his hit list and the fights that he wants next.

Jason noted that he wants to take on opponents based on the rankings and listed down three names in the welterweight division and four names in the Lightweight division.

The top name on the Welterweight list of Jason was Pawan Maan Singh while Bhabajeet Choudhury and Mukesh Gora followed. Jason noted that the rivalry with Pawan is far from over considering they both have ones wins each and how injury ruined his chances of a win in the second fight.

As for Bhabajeet Choudhury, the Delhi Don added that it would be a huge fight considering the fan following that Bhabajeet has.

Vikas Singh Ruhil, who is currently on an impressive winning streak, was the top name in the Lightweight hit list. Jason said that he will be keeping a close eye on the potential fight between Vikas and Srikant Sekhar as well.

Sanjeet Bhudwar, Srikant Sekhar and Anshul Jubli were the other names on the Lightweight list.

The hitlist of Jason Ramesh Solomon for Matrix Fight Night


  1. Pawan Maan
  2. Bhabajeet Choudhury
  3. Mukesh Gora


  1. Vikas Singh Ruhil
  2. Sanjeet Bhudwar
  3. Srikant Sekhar
  4. Anshul Jubli

Despite the list, Jason urged all the fans to list down the fights they want to see and added that it’s their choice that has the priority to him.

Retirement and Championship aspirations

At one point in the chat, the potential retirement of Jason became a talking point. Jason noted that he is only 36 still has four or five more years ahead in his career. He also cited former UFC champion Anderson Silva as an inspiration as Silva is still fighting in the UFC at the age of 45. While concluding the topic, Jason said that he will become a champion before he retires.

India’s first online MMA Course

Jason, who is currently the head coach of Knockout Fight Club, also added that he, along with Knockout Fight Club CEO Mannan R Dattah, is coming up with India’s first online MMA Course in Hindi.

The course will be aimed to help youngsters who don’t have access to proper training facilities. Jason, who is known for his unique persona, also noted that the course will also help the fighters to learn about marketing themselves which is important in the MMA scene.

The lives of Anshul Jubli and Srikant Sekhar

Prior to Jason’s live, Matrix Fight Night had also gone live with Anshul Jubli and Srikant Sekhar.

In his live, Anshul made it clear that he wants to fight Srikant Sekhar while adding that he is open to fighting Jason as well if the Srikant fight does not happen. Fighting out of Crosstrain Fight Club, Anshul said that he wants to be an active fighter instead of waiting out for someone.

Srikant, meanwhile, said that he is open to fighting both Vikas Ruhil and Anshul Jubli with the priority going to Vikas Ruhil. The Indian Combat Sports Academy star also said that things are a bit personal with Vikas while it is at a professional level with Anshul Jubli.

You can check out videos of the live chats on the Matrix Fight Night Instagram page.

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