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Jarrah Al-Selawe: A look back into his BRAVE CF career so far

LockerRoom Team
17 April 2020

Jarrah Al-Selawe has yet to reach his peak years but has already left an immense mark in the sport of mixed martial arts, especially in the Middle East. Widely recognized as the best-ever MENA fighter, "The Jordanian Lion" was ready to take over the world, starting with the defense of his BRAVE CF world title against top contender and rising superstar Khamzat Chimaev at BRAVE CF 37, in Sweden.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, BRAVE Combat Federation decided to postpone the show, but Al-Selawe remains on course to become a household name worldwide in the coming years. His fan-friendly fight style and his family-oriented personal life make for a great combination.

Inside the BRAVE CF Arena, Jarrah has made history, with his rivalries against Carl Booth, Abdoul Abdouraguimov, and most recently Khamzat Chimaev. And also for his record - "The Jordanian Lion" is the biggest winner in BRAVE CF history, he has seven victories to his name, more than any other athlete.

Al-Selawe first burst onto the scene worldwide with a slick submission at BRAVE CF 2. Making his BRAVE Combat Federation debut, Jarrah was able to trick Erik Carlsson and use his hips to make his opponent think he was going for a sweep, while he locked in a kimura lock, which made the Swede tap out.

He continued his winning streak with decision victories over Daniele Scatizzi, from Italy, and England's Carl Booth. Against the Englishman, Al-Selawe avenged the first loss of his pro career, in only his second fight.

This set him up for higher flights, as he then was matched-up with dangerous David Bear, in BRAVE CF's first show in Jordan. In front of his home crowd, Jarrah got a last-second victory by locking up a triangle choke in the dying moments of the fight, maintaining his undefeated record for the organization.

Al-Selawe was then matched-up with Tahar Hadbi, Bear's teammate, in a number-one contender's fight - the winner would face champ Carlston Harris in Abu Dhabi. Jarrah showed how well-rounded he is by striking with Hadbi and even going as far as breaking his opponent's arm with a kick.

While his profile grew inside the BRAVE CF Arena, outside of it, he slowly gained momentum as the best athlete in Middle East history. A world title could cement his place among the greats, and it came in the most devastating way.

Showcasing his much-improved striking, Al-Selawe dominates champ Harris in the main event of BRAVE CF 16, knocking out the champion in the first round and making history - Jarrah was the first-ever Jordanian martial arts world champion.

However, his first setback was just around the corner. While he tore through competition, another contender kept winning as well - Abdoul Abdouraguimov quickly made a name for himself for dominating his opponents and was named the first challenger of Al-Selawe's title.

In order to win, however, Abdoul would have to go into his opponent's territory as Jarrah would defend his belt during BRAVE CF's return to Jordan. Abdouraguimov and Jarrah put on a fight of the year candidate, with both men having their moments in one of BRAVE CF's most thrilling fights ever.

In the end, Abdouraguimov walked away with the belt, shocking the Jordanian crowd. For Jarrah, however, this was just the beginning of the road to redemption. In the coming months, Al-Selawe made an online campaign calling for a rematch with Abdoul.

His supporters were up for the task, and BRAVE CF made the rematch official for BRAVE CF 27, in Abu Dhabi, on the same building in which Al-Selawe was crowned world champion a little more than a year ago. As it was with Harris, Jarrah was his usual self, forcing the action, cornering Abdouraguimov, and stopping the takedowns.

At the end of the third round, Jarrah was once again at the top. The first-ever two-time BRAVE CF world champion barely celebrated with his cornermen and friends, when his next challenge was practically booked.

Also in action at BRAVE CF 27, Khamzat Chimaev stormed the cage at the end of the show and stared Jarrah down. The two men promised to put on a show for BRAVE Nation. A show that has been postponed but seems inevitable. Two of the best fighters, approaching the peak of their careers, facing off. BRAVE Nation can't wait.


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